Product Development

EMD has experience with new product development from concept all the way to mass production. We can build functional prototypes and prove out concepts in our facility. Below are two examples of our work.

The Moon Shade Blind

custom window blind design

EMD was tasked with redesigning the product and building machinery to produce the blind in higher numbers. The product was completely modelled in Solidworks and a number of prototypes were built and tested to improve it. A custom blade cutting machine was built, along with software to create a job sheet and work orders.

Wet Dry Vacuum Project

custom consumer product design

EMD was asked by one of our long-term customers to build a proof of concept model for a new wet dry vacuum. A common problem with most wet dry vacuum cleaners is what to do with the hose. EMD solved this issue with a feature that pneumatically retracts the hose back into the body after use. The power cord was also retractable, in addition to a detachable inflator module. The vacuum has a built-in transformer so it can be powered with 120 AC power, but when the inflator unit is detached, it can be run from an automobile 12V accessory plug. The model was designed in Solidworks, and a complete functional unit was rapid-prototyped and built. Have a difficult challenge? Let us solve it for you!

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