Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the lifeblood of our work at EMD Integration: we create automation solutions far beyond the "time and motion studies" of yesteryear. Our projects are driven by and based on your desired outcomes. We have years of project experience in the automation factors which matter most: line reliability, safety, and ROI. Whether your business has a mandate to automate a process, an idea to explore, or an analysis to complete - talk to EMD. We can help. Below are a few examples of our work.

Robot Integration

Custom robot cell Robotic welding Robot weld cell

EMD is a vendor-neutral integrator and can work with all brands of robots. We have built custom weld cells, assembly and part-handling systems. We are also able to retool existing cells with new end-of-arm tools, fixtures and programing.

Special Purpose Machines (SPM's)

Special purpose machine design Custom machine build Bushing insertion machine

EMD has experience with the design, build and installation of various types of special purpose machines. Contact us for information on past projects or with your requirements for your project.

Production Tooling

Custom tooling design Custom mechanism design Custom fixtures Automation tooling Custom mechanism build

Do you have an existing production tool that you wish to manufacture in quantities from 1 to 100+? EMD can manufacture tools at very competitive rates, with short lead times. We can also develop and design tools from scratch, or provide ready to use units from your drawings. We have built hundreds of production tools, let us show you why this is a growing part of our business.

Automated Data Collection Systems

Custom hardware Automated data collection system

EMD has designed and built custom data collection and timing systems. Included in this project was the supply of custom hardware and user interface. Data was automatically captured with non-contact sensors, processed via a custom PLC panel and uploaded into an Excel spreadsheet. We can build a system to suit your needs, contact us today.

End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Robotic end of arm tooling Custom End of Arm Tooling design Custom End of Arm Tooling build

Whether you have an existing cell or a new project, EMD can custom-design and build end of arm tools (EOAT) to suit your needs. Contact us with your requirements and let us bring your new EOAT to life!

Automated MIG Welding Fixtures

Custom weld fixtures Custom weld fixture design Custom MIG weld fixture build

Do you have an existing weld cell but need new tooling for a model change? Maybe weld fixture tooling is an ongoing need for your company. Let us apply best practices and apply our experience and knowledge into creating well-built, cost-effective weld fixtures. We can incorporate part sensing, automatic clamping and tolerance analysis to create the best tool for your needs. Contact us to see how we can help.

Projection Welding Fixtures

Projection welding fixture projection weld fixture design

EMD has supplied the design and build of projection welding fixtures. Send us your part drawings or call us to find out more, or to get a quotation.

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